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The Importance of Racking Protection

Date Added 18/09/2017

Pallet racking uprights are most prone to damage in a warehouse or factory from forklifts or other hazardous operations. It can be very costly and time-consuming to replace them, so keeping them safe is an essential step to managing the risk of the racking being damaged.

Column Protection

Column protection is the most effective way of maintaining your racking’s quality. There are several different options available, and for a small charge, they will provide reassurance that your racking is safe. Generally, they all perform the same purpose – however, each warehouse or factory is unique and may require different approaches for protection. Here are some of the upright protectors that you can buy to save money:

• ‘L type’ – This is an ‘L’ shaped, heavy duty protector which is placed around the end frame of your racking.

• ‘U Type’ – Similarly to the ‘L’ shape, the ‘U’ shape is a heavy duty protector. This shape provides a more secure area of protection for the upright. However, sometimes it’s not the most efficient solution because it can affect the clearance available for pallet storage.

• Protection kits – These protect the largest areas of your racking. They are essentially two ‘L’ or ‘U’ guards with a rail fixed to either guard.

• Barrier Kits – The barriers are similar in style to the protection kits. However, they’re supplied as a single unit, whereas a protection unit can be an add-on to existing upright protectors.

• Racking amour – This is a universal type of upright protection, which is fitted directly to the upright and requires no extra fixings.

For your racking protection to be efficient, you need to ensure it was designed for the brand of racking you use. Contact our team and we can advise, supply and install your racking protection.

Protection Maintenance

The pallet racking upright protectors are specially designed to take ordinary impacts from various warehouse or factory operations. However, sometimes a harsher impact can damage the protection. Damaged protection should be replaced immediately because it will no longer provide the same level of security in the event of future impacts.

Usually, protection is only a small investment and provides essential security for the integrity of the racking it surrounds, preventing any damage and increasing health and safety measure in the workplace.

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The Importance of Racking Protection