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Pallet Racking Safety Solutions - Beam Locks

Date Added 19/09/2017

What is a Beam Lock?

Beam locks or racking safety clips are key components for pallet racking. They prevent the beam from being accidentally dislodged by forklifts, and other warehouse and factory operations. The clips are a very small investment, but play a key role in keeping your employees and visitors safe.

Beam locks come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Apex beam locks are small red/blue rectangular plastic components. (seen in the image to the right)

It’s important to note that each different type of racking requires its own type of beam lock. To find out what type of beam lock you need, speak to one of our specialists.

Installing an Apex Beam Lock

Each beam should have two locks preventing and movement – one on each end of the beam, where it’s connected to the racking uprights.

Generally speaking, beam locks are straightforward to install on your pallet racking. An apex beam lock is simply a ‘push-fit’ component.

Pallet Racking Safety

It’s important that beams are secured with the correct equipment. Nuts, bolts, and other miscellaneous objects found in a warehouse are not suitable, or cost effective alternatives to beam locks, and can be a serious hazard to health.

For the time and investment it takes to install beam locks, they provide great value for money by providing your racking with additional safety features, preventing injury and loss of stock.

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Pallet Racking Safety Solutions - Beam Locks