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Choosing the right storage system for you – Pallet Racking

Date Added 03/10/2017

Investing in a storage system is seemly a straightforward task. However, before you purchase a new storage system like pallet racking for your business or even personal use, making sure it’s the right system for you is essential. There are a variety of pallet racking systems available, but choosing the one that suits your needs, in terms of efficiency, upkeep and cost can become quite complicated.

Considerations before designing pallet racking

Are your pallets suitable for pallet racking?

There are several different types of pallets that you can get, unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for a pallet racking storage system. The image to the right shows the preferred pallet type for a racking system. However, there are options available if you don’t have this type of racking – Timber Decking is an option that allows a variety of pallets to be stored on pallet racking.

For more information regarding pallets, please contact us.

What are the size of the pallet and its load?

The racking dimensions can often depend on the pallet size, knowing this is essential for choosing a system that’s built around your requirements. Furthermore, the load is another key metric to measure. For example, a heavier pallet will put more stress on the structure, therefore, you will need a beam suitable to tackle heavy loads.

Measure the Load Width, Load Depth and Load Height + Pallet

Do your pallets come in even loads?

Pallets loads often vary in shape and size. A lot of the design specification will come from the pallet’s dimensions, so it’s important that before the installation, the project manager knows what racking spec will best suit your storage requirements.

Are there any overhangs in the load you’re storing?

Unstable, Overhanging and Bulging/settled loads could exert more stress certain points of the beams and/or the end frames. Identifying your typical pallet load beforehand will ensure that the racking is capable of handling your storage.

Are there any sprinklers that the racking might obstruct when installed?

Roof level sprinklers require additional clearance to be effective. Identify where they are in your storage facility, or ask your project manager to conduct a site survey. 

Remember safety should always come first in pallet racking.

Once your racking has been installed there some further considerations to be made.
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Choosing the right storage system for you – Pallet Racking