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Everyday Lockers

Everyday Lockers is a range of widely used, popular, and high-quality lockers. We have selected a range of lockers for you to choose from, manufactured by industry leading brands, such as Probe lockers.

Lockers are available in a variety of specifications and finishes, perfect for incorporating your brand or colour theme into the locker. Along with the styles, each locker has a premium material, such as steel and polyethylene bodies, plus a selection of high-quality doors like the wood and laminate finishes often seen in leisure centres.

Fact: Probe Lockers are the only lockers that are fire-rated in the UK. They comply with the European standard – EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009 (relating to fire performance). This means they will not combust, increase or sustain any fire within their proximity.

Everyday Lockers