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Lifting, Drum & Cylinder Equipment

Prestige offer a variety of Drum and Cylinder transport equipment, including drum trolleys.

Drum Trolleys are a common piece of equipment used to transport drums. They feature an integrated lever which allows the operator to pour the contents our without coming into direct contact with the drum. This device offers great value for money - reducing the chance of spillages and risk of injury.

Similarly, Cylinder Trolleys are designed to make moving cylinders safe and easy. We offer a range of cylinder trolleys, so you can find one that suit you most. A popular trolley is the CT277L Cylinder Trolley, which features cushioning wheels and brakes for added safety.

We can also supply drum storage and cylinder storage/stands. The benefit of keeping these in a purpose designed unit is safety. Some drums and cylinders contain substances that can be hazardous to health, therefore it’s important to keep them out of harms way.

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IBC containers are a useful piece of equipment for transporting bulk liquids and granulated substances including; chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients. IBC containers are reusable and long-lasting, providing great value for money.